2013 CIC - Salhouse Broad - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2013 CIC - Salhouse Broad

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In 2013 the HSBC held it's first Cruise in Company with a "Meet Up" at Salhouse Broad linking members from the Northern and Southern Broads.

On this inaugaural occasion the Safari club was accompanied by several classic "Woodies" and "Sailies" owned and crewed by well known members of the NBF (Norfolk Broads Forum), including Broad Ambition, The Corsican, PL9 and Brilliant. The gathered assembly made for a very impressive sight.

The convoy procession of iconic Broads cruisers of the same class, many "dressed" for the occasion, made it's way along the river Bure from St Benets, completing two circuits of  Malthouse Broad en route before passing through Horning to our final destination at Salhouse Broad, taking many bystanders and fellow cruisers by surprise and causing many to turn their heads in wonderment and admiration....

Some intrepid bystanders and observers along our route gathered their wits quickly enough to capture the moment on Video or Camera. Others involved in the flotilla also took pictures and videos of their own.

Somehow, despite the lack of practice or rehearsal, the convoy proceeded at an even and regal pace and managed to stay in formation all the way to Salhouse where a demonstration of both the "nautically correct"  and "park by ear" methods of stern mooring took place.....

Below: HSBC CIC 2013 - © Robin (London Rascal)
Video Of HSBC CIC 2013 - courtesy of Robin of NBF (London Rascal)
Below: Safaris in Convoy - © Jan Quarrington
Safaris in Convoy - Courtesy Jan Quarrington
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