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2018 Events - Save The Dates

(Venue Booked)

2018 meet up dates have been scheduled to space them a little further apart whilst avoiding the peak holiday season. The event dates are set based on convenient Breydon crossing times either side of the main weekend event. 2018 Event registrations now open. Please sign up here
Quieter Rivers, Fresh Air and Smelly Bogs!

  • Does your onboard toilet utilise a raw (river) water flush?
  • Does your Hampton Safari loo smell like rotten eggs after being left for a few weeks?

Ours did...but we've now fixed it with a very simple modification/add-on.

Looking to buy a Hampton Safari?
Check out our For Sale pages (click on an image)
Has Anyone Seen Our '63 Honeymoon Suite lately?
....Back in 1963, Eric formally enlisted his crew and trusty co-pilot Marian, not by Press Gang but via a wedding ceremony. 54 years later, Captain and Crew are still together and they are trying to locate their floating honeymoon suite "On Safari". While enlisting our help with the search, Eric also shared other interesting information and documentation dating back to that time. See our new article A Honeymoon On Safari

After some basic research using Craig Slawson's database we think "On Safari" is S875, a Hampton 22 which matches Eric's documents but disappeared off the BA register around 2006. Does anyone out there know of it's current or final resting place? If so do please let us know.
Hampton Safari Window Refurbishment

Our Safari had started to spring a few leaks around the windows so we decided it was time for some major window refurbishment all around. We had the work done by Belaugh Boatyard and window specialist Dan Smith. Read about it here...
 WANTED! - Hampton Safari MkIII
 I am seeking a Hampton Safari Mk3 in good condition and ready to go, fair and  honest price paid pending survey. Please forward  photos/video etc to
New Hampton Safari Inventory/History

Craig Slawson has compiled an up to date Hampton Safari inventory and history and has made it available to us in .pdf format. It is now available to view on our Safari Archive pages.  In the interests of keeping his database accurate and up to date and In return for sharing this useful reference for Safari Owners, where owners have, or know of, a boat renaming, re-registration, or transfer to other waters, please take the time/trouble to update the database records by emailing Craig directly (email:
The Waveney Stardust:

Are you a boating enthusiast that has had to give up your boating adventures due to age, ill health, or just being considerably less agile than a few years ago? If so, here's a great way for you to get back  afloat and enjoy the Norfolk Broads again!
The Waveney Stardust Charity operate two boats, one based on the Northern System (operating from Stalham and Horning) and the other based on the Southern system operating from Norwich, Brundall and Beccles.
Two of our HSBC members (Keith Barr and Alan McKechnie) are Waveney Stardust  qualified/trained volunteer Skippers and are now regulars running full and half day trips from Stalham and Horning during the season.
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