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Other Members

Members name

Home Town



Tony & Rita


Hired "Little Gem"

Don & Mia


Has "Tango" an aquabelle28 ..... Interested in Safaris


Moors on Gt Ouse

Has Piscean a classic 27... wants to get a Safari


Ray and Ruth


Interested in purchasing a Safari


Stoke On trent

Interested in purchasing a Safari

Alvin and debbie


Interested in purchasing a Safari

John and Rosalind

Moors at Womack Water

Have Sunpath as classic 27 K467


Malcolm and Heather

Moors at Waveney River Centre

Have Moonshine a Bounty 28 ......also Safari fans

Alan and Tania

Moors at Wroxham

Have "Yesterdays Dream" Weston 670......interested in Safaris

Trevor and Janet


"I used to own a bounty 37 but sold it in 2006 for a motorhome of all things. The wife and I are hoping to buy another boat I'm so keen on a Hampton - a little boat but a lot of space - I just cannot believe them! Will be the icing on the cake to be a member" - with a testimonial like that how could we refuse?

Malcolm & Sue


Used to be Hampton Safari owners until recently (Sept 2014). Still interested in following HSBC on the web...

Steve and Deb


Hope to one day own a boat and we think the safari is the one for us.....Been boating on the norfolk broads for 25 years and love it!

Martin and Shelley
Owner of Shetland 4+2 but looking to buy safari. We spend nearly every weekend on our boat around Horning.

William Shearer London Interested in Hampton Safari's as a potential owner...actively seeking a Safari Mk3
Brian and Jan Buscot, Thames Actively seeking a Safari Mk3 (Sept 2017)!
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