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Other Work

Dry Dock

Visible refurbishment activity always draws attention and other owners thinking of having similar work undertaken are often curious as to where recent works have been carried out and what exactly has been done. Members who have had works completed by specific boatyards and are well pleased with the results are usually only to happy to share the details. Sometimes the trigger for such questions is that a particular boat is seen out & about & looking extra polished/shiny. Since we actually physically meet up 1:1 fairly infrequently, this page will hopefully help answer some of those questions.

This page contains links to suppliers and services used by fellow members with their own unsolicited comments. The HSBC makes no particular recommendation or endorsement by including them on these pages, as one customers experience or perception can markedly differ from another's based on circumstances pertaining at the time. The same probably applies to prices as the job content can vary markedly depending on the approach to quoting and actually doing the job itself. We do not publish member contact details but we are happy to act as a messaging channel to establish "first contact". The rest is then up to individuals.

If you are looking for information concerning suppliers of parts, custom fittings, modifications etc please see our Services and Suppliers and Tech Tips pages.


Brief Description



Hull & Topsides

Window Refurbishment

The work on the hull and topsides was carried out by Kingsley Farington's boatyard at Carrow.

The windows were removed and refurbished and a new aluminium back door fitted by Danny Symes.


Graham and Lynne (TAKE FIVE)

Full repaint (respray with 2 pack)

Full repaint - hull, topsides, decks, antifoul. Replace wooden rubbing strakes with rubber & corner bumpers. Work completed by Sutton Staithe Boatyard.


Dave & Trish (Free Spirit)

 New Custom Front, Side  and Rear Covers...  "Passing Wind" neatly/nicely tucked up to brave the elements in new covers fitted in 2015. Take a closer look at the front/side canopy screen covers...   Y  Gary & Anne (Passing Wind)
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