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Hampton Safari Boat Club
2010 - 2020
Autumn Season 2022
Hampton Safari Boating
1970 - 2020
Hampton Safari Boat Club Custom Burgees
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Our custom club burgees are very popular especially with new owners and as replacements for well used originals! We usually gather sufficient burgee pre-orders to qualify for a discount via a "bulk" order.
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Safaris For Sale
Participating In The Three Rivers Race... In A Hampton Safari?

Three Rivers Race advertisement
An article provided by a member who officiated in this years Three Rivers Race, a 24hr endurance race for sailing boats using their Hampton Safari.
Salhouse Autumn Meet September 2022

Our final meet at Salhouse Broad completed successfully with a strong turn out despite some unexpected events leading to some late changes in you can read all about it

Postcard to America - Summer Of '69 (...well almost!)
I saw this original, used, period postcard from 1969, on sale in the USA on ebay, quite by chance and it caught my I bought it! OK, so technically it's actually a Hampton 22, a predecessor of the Hampton Safari, & although we have images matching this postcard, the hirer's thoughts and impressions were still interesting...

The card reads as follows:
"Aboard "My Safari" near Reedham, Norfolk Broads. 6.x.69
Dear Jeanne and Bob,
How do you like 'our' boat?
- It's most comfortable and we are enjoying exploring the rivers and dykes.
- it's warm and sunny enough to cruise with the roof open and go for walks without coats on!
Really marvelous weather for this time of year.
 We are trying out our Exactor 2B camera (bought 2nd hand from Peggys cousin just before we came away) - particularly the telephoto lens- but the birds aren't always co-operative!
Margaret & Gordon"

...based on the odd date format and the postmark this was sent on 6th October 1969, and was sent all the way to Dallas, Texas for a 9d (9 old pence) stamp...

The Hampton Safari Boat Club predates the online information age  and it unfortunately disbanded for many years before being resurrected  and reinstated as an online website presence back in 2010. We currently have over 160 Hampton Safaris and their  current owners registered with the club and located in many waterways of  the UK and Europe.

With  the increasing popularity of social media, in 2017 some Hampton Safari enthusiasts created a separate Owners Group on Facebook. Facebook groups  and conventional websites such as this have different formats and styles and meet  different user needs. Both have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses and users of either tend to  have their own favourite media preference.

The  site administrators of both the "Hampton Safari Boat Club" website and  the "Hampton Safari Owners" Facebook Group, agree and stress that neither media site is in "competition" with the other and we actively  encourage Users to access and/or contribute to both sites in the  interests of sharing information useful to Hampton Safari owners and enthusiasts generally.....
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