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2015 - Salhouse Broad

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The 2015 meet was held on June 6th and once again we were very fortunate to hold the event in fine, dry and clear, if not a little blustery, weather.

A total of 13 boats with their respective owners and crews attended the event this year which started with a rendezvous at St Benet's Abbey as the assembly point for a (by now) traditional CIC procession up river through Horning to Salhouse Broad. 

Boats and Owners participating in the event this year had the option of having a photo taken with their pride and joy (partner or boat!) the results of which are displayed in our picture gallery (below).
Owners With Their Boats
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Participants  - 2015 Salhouse Meet 




Home Mooring


Free Spirit

Dave & Trish





Potter Heigham


Passing Wind

Gary and Anne








Geoff and Judi




Tony and Liz




Mike and Irene



Gentle Lady




Regal Safari




Take 5

Graham & Lynne




Dave and Cousha




Jim and Sue

Potter Heigham

Rendezvous at St Benet's Abbey....
In previous years we have always managed to arrive just in time to be too late for the proper start of the CIC at St Benets and have joined it between the river Ant and entry to Ranworth!
As the organiser of this years events clearly this wouldn't do, so we planned to motor down to South Walsham Broad on Friday afternoon, moor there overnight, and then arrive bright and early for Saturday.
The weather forecast for Friday was very wet and windy but the rain disappeared soon after midday leaving bright, blustery conditions.
On arrival at St Benet's were were surprised to see Moonshine, Take5 and Barney already moored near pole position on the quay heading. Further up we also noticed Maudie and Lanson already there too. So a quick about turn and with the help of a favourable onshore wind we were quickly moored up at St Benet's for the night instead.
As we sat in a group filling our time with topical chats & a few beers etc Bob and Fiona arrived on Shardlow. Fiona arrived with a supply of excellent flapjacks which went down very well.
Eventually after some further chat, a couple of field trips/walks around the Abbey site, an evening meal and some more beers we retired for the night....

CIC Preparation
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Safaris in a row...
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CIC to Salhouse
Over the course of the following morning we were joined at St Benets by Passing Wind, Veyatie Regal Safari, Gentle Lady, Shannon and Bluebell. The favourable wind of the previous afternoon was now quite a strong and unfavourable onshore windmaking casting off from St Benet' quite tricky....
...Fortunately Gary (Passing Wind) was on hand to help the single handers away from the quay (almost impossible on their own in such conditions) and to help other crews get away safely and without incident....
....As the leader, Free Spirit was the last off the quay (- an easier task as it was by now emptied of other boats!) and our planned orderly procession was now strung out over some distance as a combined orderly mass cast off had proven impracticable in the somewhat windy conditions....
....Our little convoy did quickly fall into line and proceed up river towards Horning. Free Spirit gathered pace to catch up with the leaders of the procession who were some distance ahead....
At The Other End...
....In so doing, we completely overlooked that everyone would naturally try and follow us, so the whole CIC proceeded at a considerably faster pace than normal until we caught up with the leaders around 1/2 mile from Horning...where upon the pace slowed considerably and we progressed quite properly through Horning....to be greeted from the shore by Brian & Jan (our founding members ) near the Swan Inn at Horning....
....we continued on without further incident to Salhouse Broad and made our entry. After some swift, nifty, and uneventful manoeuvres the gathered group were moored in an almost continuous line up. Shortly afterwards chairs and tables appeared and the usual discussions, chats, banter and refreshments   followed shortly ....
...All in all, a good time was had by everyone and we look forward to doing the same again (or similar) next year....after the next meet up at Waveney River Centre on the South side of course!

This years Salhouse event was also the venue and occasion for Jim, Sue and grandson Henry's first night on board Bluebell and the first Safari event they have attended. Read about their experience here...

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