2015 WRC Part#2 - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2015 WRC Part#2

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Great Yarmouth - Herringfleet
Our trip down to Great yarmouth was led by Alan who timed the journey to perfection arriving just about on the predicted slack watertime.

Our passage under the three bridges and past the notorious Yellow Post was totally uneventful and the six of us set off across Breydon on a relatively calm crossing.

There were relatively few boats crossing in either direction given the time of year and great weather. Some lively banter over the two way radios occured between us during the crossing which resulted in a decision for another unscheduled pit stop at Herringfleet.

At the Berney Arms/Burgh Castle junction, Dave (Regal Safari) took his leave and headed for Reedham while the remainder of us headed down towards Herringfleet. Despite having only 3 radios between 5 boats we managed to get the message to the other two boats that we were stopping at Herringfleet (space permitting).

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Herringfleet to Waveney RC
On approaching Herringfleet there looked to be plenty of space for all 5 boats albeit we would need to find gaps inbetween boats already moored. Once again bystanders were treated to a water ballet of Safari's approaching moorings in conflicting wind and tide conditions. This time however, we all managed rather better and moored reasonably uneventfully.

Time for a short break, stretch of the legs and a quick brew before setting off. It was also an opportunity to hoist the bunting and attach the club advertising panel to Free Spirit.

Refreshed we set off again for Waveney River Centre arriving roughly on schedule at about 15:45/16:00 hrs. Waiting at the quayside were Brian and Jan who had motored down to Waveney especially to greet us.
Waveney Weekend
Shortly after our arrival on Friday afternoon we were joined by Geoff and Judi (Moonshine) who had travelled up from Geldestone. A brief discussion  resulted in an impromptu, alfresco dinner for 11 at the Waveney Inn, where a pleasant evening meal was enjoyed basking in the last of the  evening sun.

The next morning (Saturday) we were visited by  Phil and Caroline, new owners of Tranquil Time who dropped by to meet members and have a chat. Shortly after we were also joined again by Brian and Jan. Jim's wife Sue, also joined us at Waveney on Saturday.

Shortly afterwards we were joined by Graham & Lyne (Take 5),  Pat and Ken with son Nick (Audere) followed by Mike and Irene (Barney). Whilst assisting Graham & Lyne into their stern mooring slot, Dave (Free Spirit) demonstrated how to step backwards into someone else's open cockpit (Bluebell)! Fortunately he landed on his feet without breaking himself or anything in the cabin, and belatedly apologised for not asking Jim's permission to come aboard!

The other Dave (Regal Safari), whom we had last seen heading for Reedham, called to say he was unfortunately delayed with drive shaft/bearing vibration problems which he was hopefully getting fixed. 
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