2015 WRC Part#3 - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2015 WRC Part#3

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A little later the same day, Graham was tying on some bunting to Take 5 and missed his footing landing in the water, unfortunately losing his hat and sunglasses in the (very) murky muddy depths! 

Graham was quickly helped out of the water by other members & too quickly for Dave to try out his untried boarding ladder purchased especially for such occasions......Graham declined to go in again for a test run so this will be reserved for a future date....A salutary lesson was learned by all, and we all resolved to wear lifejackets more frequently when mooring or moving about outside....

Later that afternoon, the assembled group made a small presentation to Jan and Brian, of flowers and a canvas print of past Safari Club meet-ups, as a token of appreciation of their past work in setting up the club, now that they have retired from Safari boating.

Dave (Regal Safari) eventually managed to join us late Saturday afternoon and made it just in time for another full ensemble dinner at the Waveney Arms....

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Sunday morning arrived and the weather had changed somewhat with showers and very dull cloudy skies. The assembled group said their good byes and gradually made their departures either to home moorings or further afield.

Geoff and Judi had been telling us about mud weighting on Surlingham Broad so we resolved to follow them up river and give it a try. 

Keith (Lanson) and Alan (Maudie) accompanied us as far as Reedham and moored intending to recross Breydon the following afternoon. They were also joined later by Dave (Regal Safari) - he did say it was a favourite spot of his!

We continued upstream following Geoff and Judi on Moonshine. It was a good job we had a guide or we would have missed the very small sign for the entrance to Surlingham Broad just past the pub at Coldham Hall....

Following Moonshine down the narrow dyke the vista suddebly broadened out into Surlingham Broad. Where we picked a suitable spot and moored side by side on fore and aft mudweights. Shortly afterwards we were also joined by Graham and Lynne on Take 5.

Surlingham Broad certainly was a very peaceful setting and we managed to stay in the same place all night and even facing in the same direction! A very nice spot destined for a return visit next time we're "down South"....
Monday's weather hadn't improved so we resolved to head back downstream and visit a few more spots before deciding whether or not to make the return crossing that day. Heading back from Surlingham Broad we visited Fleet Dyke, Rockland Staithe, Rockland St Mary before returning back to the main river via Short Dyke. Passing by the Beauchamp Arms in a steady drizzle, we continued down to Cantley where we moored closed to the Reddcutters for a quick brew up and lunch, before continuing downstream to Reedham assisted by the outgoing tide.

Prospects were not set to improve so we headed back to Reedham to make the return Breydon crossing later that afternoon, linking up with Maudie, Lanson and Regal Safari along the way we headed up the Yare at tickover on the current passing the Berney Arms. We crossed Breydon together and made our way steadily back up the Bure, parting company with Maudie and Lanson, at Acle Bridge where we ( 2 x Dave's + Trish) moored and enjoyed another good pub meal at the Bridge Inn.

On Tuesday morning we departed Acle and headed back "home" to Coltishall bringing another enjoyable Meet-Up and trip to the Southern Broads to a conclusion. Aftyer the peace and quiet of the Southern rivers the Bure seemed all of a sudden much busier confirming that the peak season had truly arrived! 

Thanks to everyone who attended this year's meet ups. Wwe thoroughly enjoyed them both and are already looking forward to doing it all again next year!
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