2016 Salhouse Meet - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2016 Salhouse Meet

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This year's event kicked off with Safari's gathering at Salhouse Broad from around midday onwards.

By around 3pm we had gathered a full ensemble for the weekend, comprising 14 Safari's. Two boats/crews were unable to make the event as planned, due to circumstances beyond their control (Serious illness and breakdown respectively).

We were also joined by Brian and Jan as guests of honour on a boat specially hired for the occasion (with room for additional crew) since they had given up regular boating and sold "Maytime Safari" at the end of last season.

The weather was reasonably kind to us on the day, with most crews enjoying "open top cruising" on the way to Salhouse and spending several hours on the bank catching up with friends, meeting new Safari owners, and of course a few beers & wines!

Tony, Liz (Veyatie) and Dave (Regal Safari) demonstrated the assembly and launch of an ingenious wooden, flatpack, sailing dinghy followed by trips around the broad..
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The weather was dry and fine for most of the afternoon but a sudden down pour late afternoon/early evening had us initially huddling under the trees, before retiring to our respective boats, until the rain left off again.

This day was also the day of the Euro 2016 England vs Russia game so the rain interval allowed some time for some energetic aerial adjustments trying to locate the best or even ANY TV signal that allowed the match to be viewed live....After a while, the rain stopped, and with chairs and tables drying out, we again assembled in the early evening to resume chatting where we had left off. 

Being mid run up to the Euro referendum, we also conducted an "IN/OUT" referendum straw poll using Victoria Sponges filled with Lemon Curd (Leave) or Raspberry Jam (Remain). The results were totally inconclusive of course, with both cakes disappearing at a great rate of knots and several "voters" sampling both!

Early on Sunday morning Brian and Jan on Viscount2 slipped their mooring and departed for their week away on the Southern river system. While departing they managed to capture some early morning shots of the line of 14 slumbering Safari's awaiting the new day....

At around 10:30 am, the Safari "fleet" cast off from the moorings and circled around the broad forming up ready for a leisurely CIC from Salhouse down to Malthouse Broad....

14 well preserved Safari's cruising line astern down river through Horning, made quite an impressive sight (as always) and the CIC completed without mishaps, speeding fines, or losing anyone along the way, terminating in a lap of Malthouse Broad before dispersing and going our separate ways.

Another good event, and thanks to all crews for attending, and to the Salhouse Ranger team for making us most welcome (as always). We'll be back again in 2017...
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