2018 Salhouse Meet and CIC - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2018 Salhouse Meet and CIC

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The Salhouse Broad meet took place Saturday-Sunday 15-16 September this year so as to space out our two annual meetings a little further apart avoiding peak holiday times. A total of 17 boats gathered from around 12:00 hrs on Saturday and overnighting until Sunday. This year saw the arrival of our first Hampton Safari Mk4  - Wild Thyme- a recent purchase by Ted (formerly the owner of Gentle Lady) and a rare version of the Safari since only 3 were ever built. Ted very kindly gave anyone interested a guided tour of the Mk4 highlighting some interesting and notable differences between Mk1-3 and the Mk4!
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On Sunday morning we decided on an impromptu "Cruise In Company" (CIC) from Salhouse Broad down to Hoveton Little/Blackhorse Broad just before Horning, assuming there were no sailing races/events being held by Horning Sailing Club....Annette and Colin (new owners of Bluebell) are also ex-sailors and checked the "green Book" for us and confirmed we should be OK.

After a short briefing for those who hadn't done or attempted this before we decided to set off aroudn 10:45 hrs circling in Salhouse Broad while everyone departed their moorings and formed up in a line. This we achieved quite successfully (especially compared to last year!) and when complete we headed off downstream towards Horning. In all we had around 13 boats in the procession stretching out over several hundred yards spaced around 15-25 yds apart. Unfortunately we had to leave Annette and Colin behind at Salhouse filling up their water tank as the hose didn't reach their berth....
Hampton Safari Mark 4 - Wild Thyme
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Hampton Safari's on Blackhorse Broad
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Our CIC apparently left Salhouse Broad in the nick of time as just after we left, two of the large passenger cruise ships from Wroxham entered Salhouse which would have been quite entertaining having a "swarm of Safaris" circling them and trying to keep in formation (- so best avoided!)....

An uneventful cruise down to Blackhorse broad ensured with not too many boats heading down in our direction and/or breaking our line. The weather was a bit overcast and quite windy. Approaching Blacjhorse Broad we turned off the main river and entered the more or less deserted Broad and again circled the broad wiule the fuill line up entered. A flash of inspiration resulted in an attempt to form up all the boats line abreast in the middle of the broad for a final Kodak moment. This was totally arranged on the fly and had not been communicated in advance!

The gusty wind conditions soon overcame the attempts of the first 6 boats to keep aligned and avoid collisions so the line up aborted and the company started to disperse from the Broad. The back end of the mid broad line up attempt was captured on video by Jim on Chiltern Lady and is available to view above...

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