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2023 Salhouse Meet

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The 2023 Salhouse Meet event was held on Monday 19th June. We had the maximum complement of boats (24) sign up in advance of the meet to fully occupy the Salhouse No2 moorings, our favourite spot! 😎👍

Arriving at 10:30am to check everything was ready we were greeted to the welcome sight of a fully reserved No2 Mooring with Robert and Elaine (Minnow) ready and waiting in the middle with a welcome cup of coffee ready for us...The Rangers excelled this year!

Crews tended to naturally form into smaller "chat groups" this year in contrast to the huge circle that appeared naturally previously. The smaller groups were well received especially by crews attending for the first time.

On the day, we had a total of 21 of 24 boats attending as,due to circumstances beyond their control, Clive (Dungraftin) rescheduled NHS procedure, Pete and Pat (Sunny) - boat repairs  had to cancel and Geoff & Judi (Moonshine) attended by car/on foot instead of by boat.

Bty late afternoon, all boats were accounted for except "Just Bobbin" which hadn't arrived, but their place had beens taken by a fortuitous visit by "Blue Tit". Did not realise until Diane & Pete put me right after the meet (that Just Bobbin = Blue Tit but the name has not yet changed on the boat) 😀😀😎...
Crew Names
Boat Name
Dave & Trish
Free Spirit
Geoff & Judi
Wild Thyme
Elaine and Robert
Pete & Marrianne
Kathy & Gary
Lady Muck (Guest)
Les + 1
Hyperion 3
Colin and Linda
Queenie B
Regal Safari
John and Mel
Tight Lines
Claire and Lawrence
Crew Names
Boat Name
Mark & Miranda
Jim and Lin
Absolute Bliss
Alan & Moyra
Liz & Tony
Clive & Debbie
Debbie & Steve
Mel & Shirley
Keith & Zoe
Peter & Pat
Diane & Pete
Just Bobbin
Chiltern Lady (Guest)
Marrianne & Pete with regular guests Kathy & Gary
Our line is building, spaces reserved for prearranged neighbours
Same deal at the other end...
Almost complete - the gap has been left for water access by other boaters
Jim and Alan striding purposefully to somewhere...
There are lots of geese around this year...
Wild Thyme decked out in signal flag bunting or is Ted sending us a message?
Smaller "chat groups" were the natural order of the day as change this year....
Ted - the proud owner of rare Mk4 Safari "Wild Thyme"
Meeting new people even if not a Safari owner - family guests on Hyperion 3
This Years Caption Competition - answers/entries by email!
The meet followed the usual informal format catching up with old and new friends, viewing boats, discussing latest "boys toys", customisations and problem solving. Hot topics this year included bow thrusters, saloon table options, wonky impellor shafts, intermittent pumps and broken fridge to name a few! 😀👨‍🔧👍

The day stayed sunny and very warm into the evening which always helps! Several crews even managed to stretch their legs...and go for a walk...as far as the Fur & Feather for a bite to eat and/or a "cooler" or two...Others took advantage of the warm, dry evening for bank side barbeques and grills and al fresco dining....

Mel and Miranda were a little disappointed at the lack of bunting displayed this year unlike on previous occasions, so we resolved to rectify that at next year's meet and may combine it with resurrecting the outburst of fairy lighting from a few years back, and/or introducing a new fun based boat dressing challenge (at their request)....more details in 2024...

I was also reminded that I had mentioned a CIC from Salhouse to Ranworth/Malthouse Broad on our joining instructions but had not thought any more of it! Some hasty planning took place, and the CIC plans were roughly outlined and communicated to anyone up for it the following morning....
Waking up and looking outside on Tuesday morning revealed a very different damp and dismal looking day!

Some boats and crews had to leave early or were heading in the opposite direction to the CIC for their return journeys so around 16 boats took part in the trip to Ranworth...

Boats circled around Salhouse Broad while everyone got off the moorings, leaving the geese and bystanders on the other Salhouse mooring wondering what was going on.

Once everyone was ready we headed out towards Ranworth via Horning at a steady 4 mph with little other river traffic to cause any concern...it was quite a sight!

The attempt to line up at the end in Malthouse Broad had not not been discussed previously with the crews (🙈🙊) and the steady side wind pushed the first few boats together a little too quickly 😱🙈. To avoid damaging each others boats the attempt was abandoned confusing one and all (see the video below) 😲😳🥴.

(Note to Self: Next time line up head to wind not across it!!) 😵🥴🤐
Xena leaving the moorings
Xena leading the way, starting the circling line, waiting the rest...
Lurking around....
Opal heading out to join the circling Safaris
Hyperion 3 circling, Lanson just leaving in background
Doris (the Safari) getting in line...
Xena processing in line....
Free Spirit extending the circling line - still a few to head off...
Hyperion 3 patiently circling...
Lanson circling....
Doris(?) ....still circling...
Absolute Bliss (I think....)
Minnow circling in the Broad
"Blue Tit" a.k.a "Just Bobbin" joining the line...
Sparcol circling...
Tight Lines joining the circling pack
Tight Lines tucked behind Veyatie
Hyperion 3 circling - everyone clear of the moorings...
Free Spirit at the front with Lanson near the rear...almost complete
Minnow and Maudie circling while the CIC line forms up
....And we're off out of the broad led by Dave (Free Spirit)
Salhouse - Ranworth CIC Start
Exit From Salhouse Broad
Processing Around Ranworth and Malthouse Broad
Salhouse - Ranworth CIC - The End
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