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Clive Windle

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In Memoriam - Clive Windle "Dungraftin"
We are very sorry to hear of the very recent passing of Clive Windle, who despite declining health over the past year or so,  managed to actively pursue his interest in his beloved Hampton Safari "Dungraftin" right up until the end. Clive had been waiting for a medical procedure, which sadly did not get reliably scheduled in time, but he didn't let failing health get in the way of enjoying life fully.

Clive was a very active founder member of the revived Hampton Safari Boat Club and through his connections with the NBN/NBF forums was instrumental in helping Brian Quarrington set up the inaugral Hampton Safari Meet Up event back in 2013.

Clive was a regular attendee at many of our meet up events, traveling down from "Gods Country" usually accompanied by his wife Kathy (who sadly passed a few years ago) and usually daughter Debbie, as well as on occasions by his youngest daughter Allison who both actively helped Clive pursue his boating and other interests.

Clive was a skilled engineer and welder who despite his boat name, never quite hung up his work boots, as he continued to work on, and maintain, his Safari "Dungraftin". Among his most memorable "inventions" was his custom made, electrically operated, flag staff (behind him above) that could be raised/lowered automatically from the pilot seat in time for various Broads bridge transits!

Our thoughts are with Debbie, Allison and the rest of Clive's family at this sad time....
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