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Hampton Safari Club Bunting

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Available to registered Club Members and for a limited time only,  the individual bunting flags are slightly smaller in size to a Safari Boat Club, RNLI or NBN burgee and are specially made to order by a well known UK flag manufacturer, to our own custom design and artwork.

The specifications are as follows:
Finish: Digitally printed artwork on high quality knitted polyester fabric (i.e the same fabric as our burgees).
Printing: Single Sided bunting flags, Size: 20 cm (W) x 30 cm (L) or, for us oldies, 8 ins (W) x 12 ins (L)....(!).
Material: The bunting is made using 115 gsm knitted  polyester material for the pennants, which are then stitched onto stress-tested header tape.
Spacing: 12 triangular bunting flags per 5m length, so each flag is separated by a gap of approx 1 flag width (20cm). There is an extra 50cm to 100cm tape added onto each end to allow for fixing. The flags will alternate in a repeating pattern using the 3 flag designs shown below:


A 5m (approx 16ft) run of bunting should allow for decorating one side of the Safari cabin, or possibly strung from the port side windscreen to the bow and back to the starboard side windscreen. There are several ways/places to hang your bunting! . We can also obtain bunting in 10m lengths (24 flags) but we suggest you "double up" on 5m lengths (and sew or tie them together) to maximise our purchasing discounts.....

All bunting is provided at the manufacturers standard retail price, with bulk order discounts applied, including VAT plus P&P. There is no additional "mark up" by the club. The currently anticipated price per 5m bunting run, will be around  £12.50 - £14.50. The final "end user" order price will be confirmed to all those who have registered a pre-order interest, once we are ready to place an order and numbers are fixed (We need to order at least 6 x 5m lengths to achieve the final club price). We have now ordered the first custom batch (shown in the images below)...

You can add your name to the current pre-order list using the  form below. Once we have sufficient pre-orders the current price including shipping etc will be confirmed to you.

Current (5m Bunting) Pre-Orders: 1
Hampton Safari Boat Club Bunting Pre-Order Form

Hampton Safari Boat Club Bunting
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