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Journey Through Norwich

While chatting at the meet at Waveney River Centre in 2016, we had mentioned cruising up to Norwich yacht station as we'd not been that far before. Graham (Take 5) said "Why not go the whole way? It's a lovely trip and well worth the effort, there's plenty of room - just take it nice and steady". He also shared a printed copy of a very interesting write up of each bridge and it's history from Trowse Bridge through to New Mills Bridge at the end of the Wensum navigation. 

Geoff and Judy on Moonshine were also intrigued at the prospect of an  "expedition" and agreed to come with us. After spending a night mudweighted and rafted together  on Surlingham Broad, the following morning we departed for Norwich.

For those wishing to follow in our boatsteps, the journey was completed at dead on High Tide as we entered Norwich yacht Station so for other Safari owners we can vouch for plenty of headroom and width.
Don't pick Rag week or a busy football weekend or it might not be as quiet and peaceful as when we did it on a hot summer's day nearing the end of July. Having now done it, we agreed that Graham had summed it neatly and accurately up in one sentence (see above). We hope it inspires you to try it sometime too...
(PS: Apologies for the reflections from the windscreen in some pictures -all photos taken while steering, gawping and pointing camera in the general direction of travel!)
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