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Hampton Safari - Longest Ownership

Romano and Paula who moor at Abingdon on the Thames tell us that they have owned their Safari for 17 years...We wondered if anyone has owned a Safari longer than that ....

Richard tells us he inherited Snapdragon in  1999 .. so that's 13 years as Owner...

We would like to hear from other owners who have owned their Safari‚Äôs for  over ten years

Ian and Phyll tell us they have owned their Safari Windrush II for 24 years.
They bought her on April 4th 1988 and have enjoyed every minute they have spent on her.
They also add that they have enjoyed the same mooring at Geldston for all those years and would not wish to be anywhere else.
Editors Note: Unfortunately the long relationship looks set to end as Ian sadly passed away earlier this year (2014) . Our sincere condolences to his widow Phyll and family. Windrush II is currently advertised For Sale.

My Safari , " Snapdragon " , is moored on the Great Ouse in St Neots at the Ouse Valley River Club [ OVRC ] .
She has been in the family from new , built by L H Jones in St Ives she is a Mk 1 J . As a child I saw her being built by Mick Jones , today I own her
but alas have to pay all the bills !!!! . We have a Perkins 4-108 mounted across the stern on the Stbd side ,hydraulic drive , two single bunks midships .....Richard

Eva and Udo - Lancelot - "We bought our Hampton Safari Mk. II (not knowing what type it was at that time) in 2002 near a town
called Heerenveen in the Netherlands....so that's 13 years....check out Udo and Eva's story and restoration

Edward (90 years young) and Lyndon (93 years young) have recently got in contact as they are reluctantly giving up boating and ownership of their Hampton Safari "Kisiwani II" which they acquired in  1981 (37 years ago) and have regularly cruised since. They are only the second owners of the boat since it was built in 1977, as a bespoke order for the original owner, and therefore know it's full and interesting history.
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