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Members Stories and Anecdotes

We thought it would be interesting for members to share their stories, anecdotes and experiences of owning, hiring, cruising, or just pottering about in their Safari's where ever they are.....

We've created a few topics to get things going - please feel free to suggest some more or add to the list. Just email us with your proposed content and we will do the rest to put it up on the site to share with others. Where possible or available please include any photographs or videos that could potentially add some "colour" to plain old text stories.

We tend to get carried away with thinking about Hampton Safari's on the Norfolk Broads but there are many in use on other waterways at home and abroad. Send us some stories/pics so we can compare experiences & think ourselves lucky to have over 100 miles of lock free waterways to play in!

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Long Term Ownerships/Relationships
Safari Owners - Stories from Other Waterways

This Safari (Annie) was spotted in Cognac SW France ....
Norfolk Broads Safari Owners

"Tales from the River Bank"
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