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Why not treat yourself to a Safari Club burgee? Available to registered Club Members only, the burgees are similar in size and weight to an RNLI or NBN burgee and are specially made to order, by a well known UK flag manufacturer, to our own custom design and artwork. The specifications are as follows:

Material: Digitally printed artwork on high quality woven polyester fabric.
Number of Sides: Double Sided (actually two flags sewn back to back so that the lettering/logo is correctly readable from either side).
Size: 30 cm (w) x 20 cm (h) or, post Brexit, 12 ins (w) x 8 ins (h)....(!)
Finish: Rope and Toggle.

All burgees are provided at cost price (to us) including VAT and P&P. The currently anticipated price per burgee will be £17.00-£18.00 incl VAT and p&p via Royal Mail. If we can take advantage of limited period, special discount, offers that further reduce this price, we will. The final "end user" order price will be confirmed to all those who have registered once we are ready to place an order. You can add your name to the current pre-order list using the form below. Once we have sufficient pre-orders the current price including shipping etc will be confirmed to you. This could take a couple of months depending on how quickly we reach the first reasonable discount break point.                        Current Pre-Orders: 0

Need a flagpole for your burgee? You can fly your club burgee from a handy, detachable, deck mounted flag pole at the bow such as these: detachable burgee flagstaff or  detachable burgee flagstaff #1 or detachable burgee flagstaff #2 . Both of these options allow you to detach the burgee easily for stowing when not in use, extending it's longevity, while using it as a useful, visible, wind direction indicator when mooring too.
Hampton Safari Boat Club Burgee Pre-Order Form

Hampton Safari Club Burgee
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