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Welcome to the home page of the Hampton Safari Boat Club. The Hampton Safari Boat Club is an informal organisation dedicated to a popular and iconic motor cruiser originally designed and built as a Broads Cruiser in Oulton Broad, Norfolk back in the late 1970's. The "club" is intended to help facilitate communication and knowledge sharing of all things related to Hampton Safari's, and to promote friendships between like minded Owners, Hirers, and just plain fans of this popular craft.

The current Safari "club" and website owes it's existence to Brian & Jan Quarrington who back in 2010 after the demise of an earlier website dedicated to Safaris decided it was time to "have a go" and start up another.  Thanks to their tireless efforts the club and website has grown and expanded to what it is today - a place to come and browse, exchange a few information nuggets and see who's discovered us and signed up as members. We have also started to organise "meet ups" from time to time, as an informal gathering of boating enthusiasts who happen to share the same type and class of boat.

Membership is totally free and without obligation - it is just a handy way for us to track as many of the remaining Hampton Safaris that remain afloat and in use, where ever they may be, out of the theoretical remaining 150+ that were built but are not yet registered/listed here. We know of many Safari's that are still out and about on the Broads and elsewhere that have remained unregistered with us, but in keeping with our core philosophy we do not actively mount recruitment campaigns. If you are an unregistered Safari owner and you happen to be reading these pages please consider registering even if only to add to our published list of known boats that are still in active circulation.

Where Are They Now?
We understand there were around 256 Hampton Safari's built and we currently have 164 of them listed with club members. Since the Hampton Safari's conception and birth in Norfolk, through our increasing and widespread membership we are aware of Safari's that have migrated to other UK waterways (e.g. the Thames, The Ouse, The Medway, and UK canal systems) and as far afield as Germany and France. These presumably were shipped by road rather than turning left at Gt Yarmouth or exploring Mutford Lock and  forgetting to turn around! Whichever way they went there were probably some interesting reasons/stories/anecdotes attached to going in the first place.....

On that note - If you have any memories, photos, or anecdotes about interesting, amusing or just plain unusual voyages, times aboard
private or hiring in the past or present , major rebuilds/refits, interesting customisations, or useful technical tips please feel free to share them with us. Just drop us an email with the details and we will hopefully publish it here in the most appropriate section with full acknowledgement of copyright etc. Here are some stories and anecdotes we have already....

We know that Hampton Safaris have a strong following and we are interested in keeping them going for as long as possible (rather like classic cars).  If you like what you see, please click here to register your Safari with us and share in the fun! Alternatively take a look around and then make up your mind. See where other members are located, details of  club events past and planned, hints and tips members have shared, as well as references for the history and development of the Hampton Safari.

All the information contained on these pages is believed to be correct , however, the author will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or any consequences arising from same.
CREDITS:   Many thanks to the following for their kind permission to use info from their Websites. We have provided links to them on this page and others such as  here.
Paul of Shorebase ..
Craig of Horning .org...
Jim Shead.....
Dan Horner - Photos of the Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 & Sedan Mk4 Safari’s

The End Of An Era....

Unfortunately, due to a very recent and sudden unexpected serious illness affecting Jan, our founding members Brian and Jan are taking extended/permanent shore leave and are reluctantly selling Maytime Safari. The best and most welcome news is that Jan is currently making a strong and determined recovery though it will take significant time to complete. The down side is the loss of our founding members from active boating and cruising, very much sooner than anyone had ever anticipated.

We take this opportunity to thank them both for all their past and tireless efforts and comittment to re-invigorating and re-establishing the Hampton Safari Boat Club and taking it to where it is today with the large (free) membership, annual meet ups, information sharing, and many friendships established as a result.

To Brian and Jan (on behalf of all HSBC members):
a very big
THANK YOU and our very best wishes for the future.

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