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Owners Q&A

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This page aims to capture and disseminate many of the wide ranging queries raised on varous Hampton Safari technical or non technical topics. Take a look at the lists & you'll get the general idea. As queries get answered and turned into real examples (e.g. customer fixes/solutiions) we may move them to other sections (e.g Technical Tips etc).  Please raise new queries or respond to existing ones using the contact us facility. We will post to the questions and any responses recieved on these pages. Please note we do not distribute members contact details and will only put individuals in direct contact with one another with both parties mutual agreement and consent.


Wing Mirrors

Canopy Rollers -Sourcing

Window/Screen Rubber

Winterising - Antifreeze

Winterising - How to

Cutlass bearing Replacement

Muffler-Hull Exhaust Tubing

Black particles in Water Tank

Rain water ingress at top corner of Windscreen

Cylinder head for BMC 1.5 Diesel Engine

New Owner - Potter Heigham - Help wanted - Intro to Hampton Safari Boating

How Much Paint for a Safari Topsides?

Can anyone help Derek (new owner of SET FAIR (formerly Farleigh Bell) identify where his one legged table would locate when in use on his Safari Mk3? (It stows on wall opposite the cooker when not in use).

Replacing the wood on the underside front of Sliding canopy - which material is best to use?
Safari Mk2 Control Cable Lengths
Does anyone know the lengths of the throttle and gear control cables of  the Hampton Safari 25 MK2  (BMC thornycroft 1500cc engine with Morse  control lever)?
Hampton Safari Moulds for Fibreglass Front Windscreens
Rumour has it that there were/are some moulds that were used to manufacture front windscreen in fibreglass. We think that TopCraft has a set but think these were destroyed when the company closed down. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any others and, if possible some contact details?
Cable Steering System Adjustment
We have an owner based in France who would like to know how to adjust the slack in the steering system for a Safari 25 mark II. It has a Swedish made mark II cable steering system....can anyone provide a pointer to a useful guide, docs or helpful hints/tips?
Owner with Safari in France wants to trace UK history...
Frits who owns Cavalier moored on the Canal Du Midi has identified his old Broads registration as H745. Unfortunately there is little or no information in the usual sources so we are casting the net among readers of our website to ask if anyone can shed any light on the past history of H745 either on, or since it left, the Norfolk Broads waterways....please use the contact form to update us initially.

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