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Poppy II - A work in Progress

Running Repairs and Improvements.
We have started to refurbish Poppy II and our first job was to replace some rotten windscreen supports.  As these were not readily available, we made our own.  The replacement supports consist of a triangular length of timber and a flat strip that is the cosmetic finish for the interior.  The dimensions were taken from the original (rotten) originals and the triangular section was carefully cut from treated 3 x 2".  The internal strip was cut from door frame architrave.  The assembled items were then painted and fixed in place.


Replacement of Canopy Rollers and Canopy Side Lining
We intend to replace the rollers on the canopy and line the sides that hide between the main boat frame and canopy when the canopy is shut.   

To replace the rollers, it is our intention to lift each corner of the canopy and place a timber chock underneath (3x2").  We will do this twice at each corner so the total lifted height is 6" (2 x 3x2").  This should allow us access to unscrew the roller housing with a short screw driver.  

It would seem that the roller can be removed from the housing and replaced with nylon bearing roller from eBay at a cost of around £28 (new mortice / straightaway rollers are £144 for two pairs). Editors Note: Cliff has previously worked for a window cleaning cradle manufacturer that manufactured their own rollers to support atrium gantries.  They were produced from nylon bar cut to size and drilled out to accept the bearings.

These new rollers may offer a lower cost alternative to the traditional rollers fitted to most Hamptons (see details of these in Useful Information/Owners Q&A section). Hopefully Cliff wil be able to provide more details and pictures as the job progresses & completes.

After an inspection Cliff found he didn't need new rollers - see how he got on...

Replacement of Canopy Side Lining
To replace the canopy side lining, we hope to gain access by removing the windscreen (a relatively simple process) and lifting the front of the canopy so that it can be slid forward of its intended 'stop' position.  This will expose the complete side for refurbing and allow easy return should we require protection from the elements.

Canopy Roof Lining.
We have also removed the lining for the canopy and replaced the rotten timber braces that run across the underside of the roof.  The roof has been lined with thermal bubble wrap and we have since fitted 3mm white sheet plastic from Amari Plastics in Norwich (mores images to follow...).

Interior Fittings.
(Contrary to the perceived wisdom) We found a good value compact gas cooker with oven, grill and two ring hob for £410 from Norfolk Marine, Wroxham.  We have yet to find a suitable fridge and are struggling with the vagaries of gas versus electric only (12v) and compressor versus absorption types!.

Progress Update: Nov 2014

Windscreen supports: After renewing and replacing the windscreen supports (see above) some aluminium rain deflectors were fabricated and fitted either side of the windscreen but ingress from the corners of the canopy leading edge still needs addressing.

Canopy Rollers:
The rollers were removed (see attached) but found to be in reasonable condition. The original track cast into the boats fibre glass was not in such good condition.  We have sourced a steel track that we can fix over the original, this will also lift the canopy and counter the wear on the diameter of the roller wheels. Does anybody know to reinforce the canopy to prevent to reduce its tendency to move side ways ?


Replacement Mattress:
Our best achievement was modifying a sprung mattress to fit in the rear birth. Having already purchased a "small double mattress" (only 4ft wide), we discovered it was too long and would not lay flat. We picked open the stitching at one end and removed a row of springs. The wire frame had to be bent and re-shaped and attached to the next row of springs. After closing and stiching the open end, the mattress now fits perfectly.


We also installed a new cooker (which we will have inspected and certified) and learned how to winterise the boat, and bleed out an airlock in the fuel system, saving a few pounds.......There's still plenty to do but we are enjoying it so far.

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