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Latest Updates/Changes:

Important: If you view our website (or indeed others) on an Apple Iphone/Ipad running IOS 9.3.5 please note that this website will no longer render/display/work correctly. The latest versions of web software use a new CSS standard which is not supported prior to IOS 10.3 and will therefore no longer work with older devices running IOS 10.2 or below. Any Ipad/Iphone device running IOS 10.3+ are unaffected and will continue to work OK - or at least until the next software industry "innovation" ! (PS: I'm not happy about it either, as my own old  Ipad is affected by this too....).
December 2022
Updates to member page (new additions)
Second Spring - Article on acquisition and renovation/rewfit of a Mk1J with it's unusual layout.
September 2022
Updates and additions to boat adverts (for Sale/Sold), disclaimer added on For Sale page.
Updates to member registrations (add images etc)
Article on 3 Rivers Race
Remove 2022 Meet up info on home page.
August 2022
Latest information on canopy rollers for Safari Mk1/2 canopy rollers.
Updates to For Sale and Registered members pages.
April and May 2022
Kisiwani II new advert, Rosie Sold - ad updated, new Members (171) "Grayling".
Sparcol Mk3 Sold, New Advert for Mk 3 Rosie For Sale, Both 2022 events full - registrations closed, updates to rtegistrations page. New members added/updated
February 2022
Updates to Services and Suppliers - boat covers section - added Jeckells and Stormforce
January 2022
2022 HSBC event dates released and registrations opened for both Northern and Southern Broads meetings.
August 2021
New Owners/members for Elsa 2
Close Salhouse 2021 Event registration - FULLY BOOKED!!
Updates to member registrations
Updates to For Sale page and Adverts
Feb 2021
New For Sale advert "Bright Angel", Updates to burgee order info. General software update to new version.
January 2021
Changes to owners/registered members, website software upgrade, Home page updated.
September/October 2020

Updates to For Sale page.

Updates/Additions to "Useful info" | "Services & Suppliers pages"

New Owners/Boats added (Black Swan and Boss Cat) and updates boats where ownership has changed.

August 2020

Updates/Additions to For Sale adverts, New Member updates.

June 2020

New For Sale advert added (Mary Joy). Updated Home page to reflect Ads available.

Removed Burgee Pre-Order list as Preorders have closed & order placed for 9 burgees.

New Members added and other member registration changes/amendments.

May 2020

Cancellation notification of Salhouse Broad meet up 2020 and other minor updates


Updates to Event Registrations and Home Page.

Implementation of SSL encryption/security across whole website and automatic redirection to secure website. Site URL will now display locked padlock and start with  https.

November 2019

Major reinstatement of missing 2013/2014 images (and more!) previously shared on google+.

2020 Club Burgee pre-order page added.

2020 Meet up events and associated registration forms etc updated.

Updates to Registered Members page to reflect changes in boat ownership/location and to welcome new Members (we now have 153 registrations!) - will need to check out a way of making the long list more easily searchable/scrollable as it it now getting quite long!

Remove Home page links to For Sale pages as no active adverts for the time being...

October 2019

Reinstated some defective image galleries caused by a recent software upgrade. In the process of doing this I've adopted a consistent look/feel to all image galleries particularly those of our meet up events.

Researching/attempting to recover/reinstate 2013/2014 images shared with us by links from Google+ which has been closed down and hence the iamges are no longer available to us.

Updates and Additions to Members page - we have reached 150 registered Safari's!!

September 2019

2019 Northern Meet at Pedro's, Acle Bridge update

Updates to Dry Dock - Other Work adding details of new boat covers and repainting.

August 2019

Added/updated 2019 Southern Broads Event page, Northern Broads registrations.

Updates to member pages, updates to For Sale pages, minor text corrections, Updated News page

April 2019

Updates to For Sales adds - price reductions and boats sold.

New Member additions.

Remove Burgee Preordering - time expired.

Feb 2019

2019 Event Registrations updated - Events now fully subscribed and registrations closed.

Add new Supplier for Eberspacher parts and services

Jan 2019

Member updates, For Sale amdts, 2019 Event details and registration updates.

Corrected misaligned post upgrade header footer on template preventing full page scroll down

Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Major website software upgrade applied/completed. Older Ipad/Iphones running IOS below 10.3 will no longer work or display correctly due to new CSS standards that are not supported by older versions of IOS. Ipad/Iphones running IOS10.3 and above continue to work as intended.

2019 Meet up events and registration pages updated and published.

Sept -November 2018

Updates to Club events pages, new articles, home page and "For Sale" advert updates.

Updated the "contact us" form to remind Users to provide either a valid/real email address or to include a contact phone number in query text field as part of the query so that we can reply/respond directly to the query!

August 2018

Re-registration for River Ouse navigation authority and Renaming of Georgie to River Dream

Updates and additions to member registrations.

For Sale updates and additions.

Updates to attendee registrations for 2018 Salhouse event.

July 2018

Bow Thrusters On A Safari - new project article
New member updates and registrations
Updates to event registrations
Updates to For Sale page - Lady Rose - sold, Gentle Lady for Sale
New member registration - Bluebell
June 2018
Member registrations and updates.
Updates to Event registrations
Updates/additions to "For Sale" adverts.
May/June 2018
Tranquil Time  - Sold. Astra Sold - adverts updated.
Miscellaneous Member Queries and Information Requests
Club Burgee Order Window now closed - section removed.
Updates to Member Registrations
Updates to 2018 Event Attendees.
March 2018
Added Tranquil Time For Sale advert
Updated Prinny advert - boat SOLD
February 2018
Minor updates to event registrations
Delete several older For Sale/Sold Adverts.
Added "Astra" For Sale Advert.
January 2018
Removed Xmas/New Year Greeting
Updated 2018 Events details and opened 2018 event registration page.
Updated Owner details and welcome new Members Dave and Kim for Mk2 Safari, "Robin"
Added "A Honeymoon On Safari" article
Corrected various outdated links and minor typo's spotted while making other corrections/updates.....
December 2017
Added 2017 Xmas & New Year greeting...
November 2017
Updated For Sale Ads - new advert for Tickety Boo inserted.
Added window refurbishment article
New Member "Dolphin" added

October 2017

Updated For Sale Ads - New Ad for Prinny inserted

Updated Members Questions/Queries - Canopy Underside repair

New Members Tracey and Adi (Goldfinch) added

New Members John and Rosalind (Badger) and Janice, Peter, Alex (RipplesToo)

Fixing a smelly Loo (project)

New Owners/club members Brett and Sue, Herbidaceous IV

August 2017

Added 2017 meet up reports for WRC and Salhouse.

Added new Safari Inventory and History .pdf from Craig Slawson

Updated For Sale pages - Take 5 sold August 2017

Miscellaneous amdts/corrections to several pages.

June 2017

Updated 2017 Events page - remove WRC registration fields etc. Add/confirm attendees.

Interior images for Lady Rose added

Remove Safari Club Burgee offer as now closed.

Safari Helm seat offered to members

New Owners of Cheshire Cat (John and April) added to members page

Added Aiden and Jean with their Hampton Safari styled Classic 27 added as new members, even though their new pride and joy is not a true Hampton Safari....it's entered/allowed at the "Commodore's" discretion, as the boat is registered with the BA as a "Hampton Safari Classic 27".(!).....Call it an experiment in boating diversity & there's only 1ft in it!

May 2017

New For Sale advertisement " Take 5"

New Members added "Owner: Paul, Mk3 Safari, "Mine", Moored at Oundle

Craig Slawson added as full member in recognition of his services to Hampton Safari tracking/tracing over the years.

New Pre Order list for Hampton Safari Club custom burgees opened due to late demand.

March 2017

New boat "Manheru" for Sale added & updated homepage for sale gallery & links

Feature "For Sale" ads on homepage

Add Sutton Staithe recovery service to suppliers page

Minor format changes to For Sale pages following bug fixes.

Updates to custom burgee pricing and order details.

February 2017

Safari "For Sale" - Fortuna added

Updates to 2017 event registrations

Associate member added...

Switch to Google reCaptcha anti spamming on webmail forms

Merchandise - Hampton Safari Boat Club - custom burgeee flag offer.

Updates to attendees at 2017 events...

Minor updates to registered members page.

January 2017

Removal of old/out of date "For Sale" advertisements

Updates to member details - added owner details for Mallard ( - not sure why these were previously mislaid by me!)

Updates to attendeess at 2017 events.

Xmas greeting removed & replaced by a seasonal image of Horsey Wind Pump...

December 2016

Xmas greeting added

Details of new Breakdown/Recovery Service added

New members - Steve & Lisa, Shardlow's new owners added.

November 2016:

2017 Event Dates listed and sign up page updated.

Ranworth Island meetup report

Potter Heigham to The Canaries article uploaded and published

New members details added and entries updated

Applied significant Website software upgrade & "debugged"the improvements!

September 2016:

Lady Melody - SOLD - advertisement updated.

Lady Dee renamed as Lady Rose and repainted in Burgundy and White. Lady Dee Salvage and rescure page updated

Mew Members - Lyndsay and John, All Good

New Members - Tom and Mim, New Owners of OWL

Home page updates

Barney Advertisement removed.

New members - Stephen and Dawn, Barney's New Owners added

New members - Peter and jean, Blue Belle added
New Member - Angela, Goldfinch
Lady Melody - Price Reduction to £10950

August 2016:

Numbers/Registrations for Ranworth Meet Updated/Amended

Lady Melody - For Sale New Advertisement

Barney - SOLD in record time!

2016 Waveney meet and Oulton CIC - images and report added

Journey through Norwich - cruise info added to OnSafari Tales From The Riverbank" section

Barney - For Sale - new advertisement

New members - John and Linda, Lady Dee added

New members - Maurice, Barbara , Alfreda & Chris, Kookaburra (our furthest distant owners I think - Queensland Australia!)

June 2016:

  • New Member  - Barry, "NIB" added
  • Update events
  • Added offer for customised Hampton Safari Club Shirts.
  • 2016 Salhouse Meet and CIC  - images and report added

May 2016:

  • New member - Paul, Lady Melody, added
  • New members - Andy & Catherine, Tarka added
  • New members - Lesley and ian, Georgie added
  • Updates to Tranquil Time details
  • Updates to 2016 Events on Home page
  • Tarka sold - advertisiement updated....
  • Additional images added to Tarka For Sale advert.
  • Updated Event registrations

April 2016:

  • Bug fix - Too many m's in "hamptonsafari" on contactus form - you can now contact us normally again by email!
  • New "For Sale" Advertisement - Mark III - Tarka
  • Updated member entry for Miss Kendi - new picture following full repaint.
  • Updated Home page & welcome to new members/new owners
  • Added query from Fritz re Cavalier Gas Locker
  • Updated Registered Owners page with new Member details
  • Removal of out of date "For Sale"Adverts.

Jan-March 2016:

  • Updated event registrations page and added list of registered entrants
  • New member registrations and updates.

December 2015:

  • Seasonal Xmas greeting on Home page
  • Addition of new Waveney Stardust article by Alan McKechnie

November 2015

  • 2016 Meet Up dates and venues added with booking page.

October 2015

  • Zesty - New Safari For Sale
  • Minor text corrections and images added to member info

September 2015

  • Dates for 2016 Salhouse and Waveney River Centre Meetups announced
  • New Front canopy/screen and rear covers fitted to Passing Wind
  • "Sally Ann II" has been renamed as "Miss Kendi". "Cindy" has also been renamed as "Minnow".
  • An answer to the "Mk3 1 legged table" query has been posted (with an image).

August 2015

  • New members added.
  • New Canopy Roller suppliers added
  • Updates to For Sale adverts - Sunchaser & Maytime Safari confirmed Sold.

July 2015

  • An account of the 2015 Waveney Meet Up held on July 11-12th.
  • Some technical reference material added
  • New members added
  • Jim and Sue have provided an account of their first Safari meet up and first overnight stopover on Bluebell

June 2015

  • Removed several old/unchanged "For Sale" ads - these pages needs to be kept current and up to date to be of any  real use. to both Sellers and prospective Buyers. If you sell, change price, or wish to have the Ad reinstated please let me know with the relevant update details.
  • Updated/refreshed Members List
  • Updated website to latest software release - please let me know if you spot any problems with this latest version.

MAY 2015

  • Salhouse Meet & CIC link up instructions added

  • End of an Era - Retirement from active boating and cruising by our founder members Brian and Jan as a result of sudden and unexpected ill health
  • Updates to current 2015 Salhouse and Waveney River Centre Meet Ups
  • Maytime Safari added to the For Sale pages - an unmissable bargain for anyone seeking a Safari.
  • New owners of Malandi (Diane and Allan) have registered with us. Malandi has relocated to Somerleyton
  • Malandi has now been confirmed sold. Best wishes to Jacqui and Mal for the future, and thanks for your past membership and support...
  • Bug Fix: Rolling Images on the members gallery have been reinstated properly.
  • Latest Updates/Changes page changed to a link to this page to save space on the Homepage...

April 2015

  • Windrush II has now been relocated to the River Deben and is being well cared for by new owners Patricia and David....(members list updated).

  • Can anyone help Derek (new owner of SET FAIR (formerly Farleigh Bell) identify where his one legged table would locate when in use on his Safari Mk3? (It stows on wall opposite the cooker when not in use).

  • We have 14-15 members registered for our 6th June Salhouse meet and around 11-13 registered for Waveney RC on July 11th. Room for more if you are interested in joining us at either venue! See who has already signed up for 2015 Meet Ups or check your event registration...

March 2015

  • Some minor changes to meet up notes below with regard to registering/booking berths.

  • For Sale pages updated with new advertisement for  "Sally Anne II"

  • For Sale pages - Price reductions on Kibo and Malandi as the new season begins....

January 2015

  • Advance Notice of 2015 Meet Up dates and venues. Links to sign up forms.

  • Video footage of Dave's  "Regal Safari" passing through Potter Bridge (provided by Malcolm & Jacqui of "Malandi" who acted as ballast and film crew!) has been added to "A Regal Safari week" submitted by Dave Cowley. You can also view the footage here.
  • Member Query: How much paint required for Topside of a Safari (using Toplac 1 part)?

December 2014

  • Rolling Back The Years - Dungraftin Modernisation

  • Brian Raises The Roof - an illustrated guide to canopy roller replacement

  • Some further updates on refurbishment activities on Poppy II (including some detail re planned canopy roller replacements)

  • The Beccles Flotilla/Cavalcade 2015 - Early news of a charity "run" being organised by Waveney Stardust

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