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2019 Event Dates and Venues

his year our events are being held at two new venues. Event dates are based on convenient tides for crossing Breydon Water both before and after the meet up weekends. The two events are scheduled in June and September as in previous years...

The Southern Broads event is set for weekend 29/30 June and will be held at the private riverside moorings owned and managed by the Surlingham Ferry House.

The Northern Broads event is set for weekend 21/22 Sept and will be held at the private riverside moorings owned and managed by the Broads Boating Company/Pedro's at Acle.

Our choice of venues has proven very popular this year and we have quickly reached our mooring reservation limits. We are now fully booked! I have a limited "Wait List" managed on a "first registered/first offered" basis should any cancellations arise.

You may still be able to take "pot luck" on either weekend and utilise alternate public moorings close to the venue(s). You are still most welcome to link up with the main group and join us if you wish.....however, with our group taking up quite a few popular spaces, there may be additional pressure on other moorings, due to "displacement" effects.
Looking to buy a Hampton Safari?
Check out our For Sale pages (click on an image)
Read an article by former members of the original 1980's Hampton Safari club who have owned their Safari for 37 years. The owners are probably the current winners of the Longest Ownership. Longest Servicing with Same Company, Best known/Shortest History from New and the Most Senior Active Members awards! Read their article.
Can You Help?
Miscellaneous Members Queries and Information Requests

Some recent miscellaneous information requests and queries from members taht I couldn't answer directly....If you can help answer any of these please use the contact form to send me an update or pointer and I will ensure it gets to the originator and depending on the success of the query generating useful responses, I will  publish answers on the website in due course.....
  • Safari Mk2 Control Cable Lengths
Would anyone know the lengths of the throttle and gear control cables of  the Hampton Safari 25 MK2?  BMC thornycroft 1500cc engine with Morse  control lever?

  • Hampton Safari Moulds for Fibreglass Front Windscreens
Rumour has it that there were/are some moulds that were used to manufacture front windscreen in fibreglass. We think that TopCraft has a set but think these were destroyed when the company closed down. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any others and, if possible some contact details?

  • Cable Steering System Adjustment
We have an owner based in France who would like to know how to adjust the slack in the steering system for a Safari 25 mark II. It has a Swedish made mark II cable steering system....can anyone provide a pointer to a useful guide, docs or helpful hints/tips?

  • Owner with Safari in France wants to trace UK history...
Frits who owns Cavalier moored on the Canal Du Midi has identified his old Broads registration as H745. Unfortunately there is little or no information in the usual sources so we are casting the net among readers of our website to ask if anyone can shed any light on the past history of H745 either on, or since it left, the Norfolk Broads waterways....please use the contact form to update us initially.
The Waveney Stardust:

Are you a boating enthusiast that has had to give up your boating adventures due to age, ill health, or just being considerably less agile than a few years ago? If so, here's a great way for you to get back  afloat and enjoy the Norfolk Broads again! The Waveney Stardust Charity operate two boats, one based on the Northern System (operating from Stalham and Horning) and the other based on the Southern system operating from Norwich, Brundall and Beccles. The boats are available for hire by qualifying groups for half/full day crusies on the Norfolk Broads.

One of our members, Alan McKechnie started out as a Waveney Stardust qualified/trained volunteer Skipper and has recently become the Boat 1 Director responsible for the day to day organisation, planning, marketing and crewing for the Stardust boat running trips on the northern rivers. The Waveney Stardust team also extend a warm welcome to any new volunteers willing to help with any aspects of running the boats and cruises and offer full training. Find out more here.
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